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My Mother has been in there for several months. There has been a problem with her rooms telephone just about since she arrived. She has been asking for weeks for someone to either fix the phone or replace it. I changed my rating as the issue was finally resolved. Thanks
Dave Johnson
Very good place staff was very helpful the social worker Margaret did an excellent job
Chris Fink
I couldn’t be more pleased about how the staff have taken care of me. All of my needs have been met and every concern was addressed. All of the staff here has a “can do” attitude. This is the best center I’ve ever been to. They make me feel important, heard, and I feel confident about going home. Everyone here is fantastic and I would recommend Arbor Trail to anyone who needs nursing or therapy services.
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Professional, knowledgeable and - Oh So Kind - are those in whom I recently put my care at Arbor Trail Rehab. An extremely good decision! Merry hearts all around!
We had an outstanding experience from the moment my mom arrived to even after mom left. We understand that staff members are very, very busy. But you could not tell, becasue everyone had smiles all day, spoke pleasantly to each other, and made sure my mom never waited long the few times she rang her call bell. The medical care team were very attentive and answered every question we had. PT/OT got my mother's strength up so I felt safe having her come home. The admin side of the house was just as supportive and coped well with different family members calling. Once my mother got stronger, she wanted a very quick discharge date. The entire staff worked hard to get all the orders and services arranged for my mother to continue with home care. They really put the patients needs and wants ahead of what is convenient for them. Should we ever need rehab or nursing home services in the future, Arbor Trail will be our first choice.
Colleen M
Crystal and Missy are awesome here. The both made my mom's transition too come Arbor Trail so smooth. Everybody here at arbor trail are very kind and goes above and beyond for the long term residents here. I truly recommend Arbor trail too anybody looking for help with there aging parents
Eddie Dotson
This is a wonderful place . Everyone is super nice and has helped me when I ask. Lana and Dawn are fantastic and helped all through my stay. I would recommend this facility.
Kathy Wood
Dawn and Lana from social services are wonderful and so helpful. They have helped me so much during my stay here. Therapy is great and the therapist are so friendly. The staff especially Cassandra CC and Jody. The CNA's are so good and take such good care of me especially Dorothy and Summer.
Joyce Johnson
The therapist Shelby and therapy department is really good and attentive to my needs they take very good care of me here I'm very happy
Donna Duncan
I have seen residents when I come into the facility to visit and they are always clean and happy. Dawn and Lana are always so friendly and knowledgeable and they always answer all of my questions. Crystal in admissions is so friendly and helpful also. I would recommend this facility to anyone.
camerhon guyton
My mom was a long term resident at Arbor Trail from August 2015 until June 2023. I picked Arbor Trail after spending two days interviewing almost a dozen other facilities throughout Citrus County. She loved the staff, who took exceptionally good care of her. The facility was always clean; I noticed that rarely if ever would I smell urine or feces when walking the halls of the facility (unlike facilities I had visited in Michigan when my grandmother was in care). Arbor Trail also takes pride in their low turnover rates among the staff, which really makes a difference to the longer-term residents. Many of the same folks who worked at Arbor Trail when Mom moved in were still with the facility after her passing. They were exceptionally helpful in every aspect of her care, including the diligent management of her finances. The staff and the business office were always very trustworthy, and helpful to conserve as much of mom's money as possible.
Paul Ketz
In a week’s time Arbor Trail changed my granddaughter’s life. kate expounded that they love me here! For the first time she was fitted for a high-back wheelchair allowing her freedom. Caring personnel and great therapy made all the difference in the world. Dawn and Lana were beneficial in finally getting my granddaughter’s transportation to the Mayo Clinic which was denied by the insurance company. The administrator has listened to my future request for my goals and aspirations for my granddaughter’s needs. I know Kate, for the first time, has a future.
Patricia Gratton
Dawn in social services is amazing and is extremely helpful. Crystal in admissions is great. The entire staff has helped my dad and myself. This has been a hard time but they have all made it manageable.
John Arnold, Jr.
The place is absolutely beautiful. It's on Tsala Apopka lake and the grounds are kept up with beautiful flowers and trees. The staff is all awesome from Crystal and admissions and Dawn and Lana and social services. Social services has been wonderful and getting my husband to where he needs to go on a daily basis. The nurses are all awesome too many to mention.
Marian Townsend
My husband is at Arbor Trail and he has had great care and the aids are great. Social services have helped out to get my husband all he needs to be able to go home. The admission Staff are wonderful and all the staff have taken great care of my husband I am so very happy I cant thank them enough.
Julia Melendez
My husband has been at Arbor Trail and the nurses Sara, Courtney and Andi are wonderful. All of the CNA especially Summer, Rona and Jabria, Shauna and Kyle are fantastic. Randy from Maint was so friendly. Taylor and Dawn was always so helpful. Crystal and Candice along with all the receptionists are wonderful.
Wilma Place
My friend has gotten therapy and is doing wonderful. The staff is great especially Summer the CNA. Dawn and Lana in Social Services have helped us out so much. I would recommend this facility to anyone.
Ron and Joan Swetland
My dad spent nearly 10 days recovering. The staff were caring and patient.
John Pagan
My brother has been at the facility for a while and the staff and Unit manager India treat him like family. If I ever had a issue social services and the administrator handles it immediately. Great place. I recommend.
Clint Smith
Place is great. Everyone extremely nice. Social Services are amazing. Level of care is one of the best. Techs and nurses where wonderful. Courtney Andie Cassie made my stay wonderful.Thank you for everything
Haleren Jones
Staff here is A plus. Therapy helped me walk again. The business office helped me with insurance and social services helped me to get home with my daughter. The food is very good.
Eunice Jean
My Aunt was in your facility and India the unit manager took great care of her. When it came time for her passing Dawn from social services and Stacey from activities helped us get through the grief. I would recommend this facility to anyone.
Zachary Webster
Arbor trail is actively working with me, and helping me. I have been out of commission for years and other facilities kept me around just to fill a bed, the administration at one actually told my family i would never improve, stuck me in a bed and got me a geri-chair only at my familys insistance that i have the option to get up. Arbor Trail's OT and PT department has been working with me since i got here, and almost immediately got me a wheelchair! Not only can i get out of bed, but i can zoom around the facility on my own!!! They are now starting to work with me to use a slideboard for transfers!!!!!
Kat Souza
I work with Arbor Trail and am so impressed with their staff and Social Services. They truly care about their patients well being while there and once they are discharged. There activities are top notch and engaging, thanks to their activities director. I recommend them often! Thank you Arbor Trail for taking such good care of our Seniors!
Christine Blum
The folks in Social Services are helpful and kind and in a very difficult family time, that human understanding and kindness goes a long way.
Liz F
The nurses are wonderful as well as the social services dept and the cnas that took care of my dear friend.
Vicki Borgeson
I have to say I am so impressed with the quality of care that the residents receive at this facility. The facility is so clean and the staff is extremely friendly and helpful. I would recommend this facility to everyone.
Jim Rangus
The staff is wonderful. Activities, social services, nurses and CNAs make you and your loved one feel like family. I would recommend to anyone.
Angela Scott
The staff is so friendly and the therapy is great. Great service I would recommend to everyone especially VFW people.
Thomas Crawford
If there were more stars I would rate higher. My family member is here and has always been treated fairly. When he was admitted to Arbor Trail he was unable to feed himself, he was very thin and weak, and his overall outlook was not so good. Now, after working with therapists he's able to feed himself, he's gained weight, and his is more aware of his surroundings! We are thankful for all who work there!
Kyle Day
Making the decision to place a loved one in a SNF is not an easy task but one that becomes necessary. When my dads health began to decline it was obvious he needed extra care around the clock and it was not something we could provide for him. He was placed in one facility and as soon as possible we removed him and placed him in Arbor Trail. Before doing so I did my research on local SNF and decided to tour Arbor Trail. When we got there I felt such peace in placing my dad there! The admission team, social services, business office, nursing staff, the physicians, and administrator were all so very welcoming and explained in detail what to expect with my dads care, and they explained the process of transporting him from the facility he was in to Arbor Trail. I can't thank the team enough for all they have done for my dad from the day he became a resident. I can call any time and get updates on him, I can visit whenever I want to, and answer any questions I have. It takes a special team to ensure each need the residents have are not only met but met with dignity, empathy, and compassion. So for me, they go above and beyond and my dad is thriving when I was so fearful. A year later, he's still with them and it's because of the team that surrounds him.
Candy Sweeney
One of the hardest decisions our family had to make was placing our mother into a nursing facility, fortunately the staff at Arbor Trails made this experience so much easier. They are so kind and understanding from the nurses to the business office everyone at Arbor Trails seems to truly care for your loved one. The care she received there was remarkable. When she was able to be discharged, their Social Services dept went above and beyond. They provided information about everything a family in our situation was experiencing and even things we weren’t aware of. I highly recommend Arbor Trails if you’re needing nursing home assistance.
Willow the Skunk Tewell
I have gotten great care. The staff are very nice and facility is nice and clean. I would recommend.
Charlene Riggs
My mom is and they are ok.
evelyn rivera
Over a year ago I brought my mom here after heart surgery. The care and cleanliness is outstanding. From the nurses to the CNA's to Social Services and the Business Manager. Everyone is great. From the time we walk in the door everyone is. Are and is willing to listen. I recommend Arbor Trail for anyone.
David McDannold
Love this place great care from nurse's and aides.
Lucien Champigny
I am here for therapy and they do a wonderful job. They are so caring and take such good care of me. I would defenitly recommend
Betty Smith
The staff has been wonderful . Very caring and very attentive with one one visits . The nurses are very caring and very supportive of my situation here . I would recommend this facility to anybody who needs to be here .
sally neuberger
I am a resident here and I get great service and the staff treat me wonderful. Very caring from nurses to social services to the admissions team. I recommend this facility.
freddie ortiz
I have been in several facilities and this is the Best facility. I have been here 4 years and love all the staff. Thank you all.
Rose James
I recommend this place. The staff is very nice and they give me excellent care and therapy.
Shirley Coderre
Staff is friendly and facility is very clean, no smells. Great therapy!
Tiffany Ross
Excellent! No complaints. Everyone from nurses, to LPN’s, to CNA’s, to therapists, to the kitchen staff (food is good) to housekeeping are kind, friendly & helpful. They are very patient with my questions.
PJ Rodriguez
Good folks doing good stuff!
Jim McGee
Abortion trail u guys are awesome thank u for everything for bill we hD a very nice time u guys are a awesome team ❤️ love always Donna bill martines
Donna Verni
My dad received excellent care and therapy from a very caring, responsive, and professional staff. The facility is very well maintained, Dad loved the food, and we are so appreciative of everything that the staff did to help us through this difficult season of his life!
Ginni Crandall
Beautiful place! Wonderful staff and residents!
Sarah West
Amazing facility; extraordinary asset to my family. I first heard about Arbor Trail (AT) when my father was in Citrus Memorial Hospital at Inverness FL for COVID. He was 87 years old at the time and came extremely close to dying, according to the doctor on duty. He survived, miraculously, and after a month in the hospital, he needed ongoing rehabilitation to build sufficient lung/breathing capacity. AT was highly recommended by a medical professional and he was subsequently admitted there. During his 3 to 4 weeks at AT, through physical therapy, daily medical attention, nutrition oversight, and excellent overall care, he left in better physical and mental health than he'd been at any point during the previous 3-years. More recently, he experienced life-threatening head trauma, suffering two subdural hematoma's, which required several days in critical care at the head trauma center in Ocala. Like before, he needed high quality rehabilitation. I didn't hesitate in arranging a return to AT. After 2-months he was released and is now at an Independent Living facility. He is functioning about as well as an 88 (almost 89) year-old man can. His latest miraculous recovery is directly attributable to the exceptional professional and personal care he received at AT. I am an objective, though often critical, evaluator who places tremendous value on pertinent customer reviews. When I take the time to write one, it is done with utmost honesty and objectivity- for the express purpose of helping the reader make informed decisions, especially concerning the health of loved ones. I have witnessed, first-hand, the exceptional rehabilitation services provided by Arbor Trail. I highly recommend their services. G. M.
Dr. Greg Murray
Love this skilled nursing facility. The staff are very professional and willing to do anything to make sure that their patients are happy and satisfied and receive the rehabilitation that they need so that they can go home and continue to flourish. Thank you Arbor Trail for continuing to provide exemplary care to your patients!! You are an asset to Citrus County!!
Mindy W
Great staff. Clean place and the best Therapy!
Lucas Coffman
My mother was a patient there for 5.5 months, December through May. We could not have been more pleased with the care given her, the compassion & encouragement shown her, and the assistance provided to us, her family members. Lots of support and activities are made available for the patients and residents. Mom's only complaint was the food -- which is understandable, when an institution has so many dietary restrictions to attend to -- though she loved the meat loaf. :o) Kudos to the entire Arbor Trail team -- you are in a challenging and often unappreciated line of work! Thanks for everything.
Debbie Hirshson
Beautiful gym that has all the equipment to get better! A full kitchen in the gym to allow you to practice before you go home. Great team here
Taylor Holt
Wonderful staff!!! Clean and friendly environment. All around a great facility to have your loved ones at.
Natalie Graham
I had the pleasure of working with the staff in this building and the professionalism I have seen has always been top notch. I would not hesitate to place my loved one in this facility.
Tina Angelo
Arbor Trail is a great community that offers short term rehab and LTC. With outstanding leadership, you can expect excellent services/outcomes. Look no further Arbor Trail is the community for your loved one.
Alexandra Quay
I have been a Director of Nursing in many different centers for the last 24 years. Arbor Trail is what one who picture as a “home town” center where everyone knows your name! We love and care for our residents like family. Truly Arbor Trail is second to none!
Mary Anne Sherry
Just left Arbor Trail having Thanksgiving dinner with my mother who is a resident there. Everyone from administrator, director of nursing, activities staff,bookkeeper, and other staff members greeted and served you your meal. I feel like my mother has another caring family at Arbor Trail. Thank You Arbor Trail! Rena Wood
Joe Wood
Arbor trail is run by very sweet and fun women. It’s a very clean facility that never smells. Highly recommend!!
Chris B
I was so fortunate to be placed at Arbor Trail for a brief stay. What a wonderful staff who helped me feel at home. I had the best therapists who assisted me in getting stronger so I could come home. I also found that all personal were friendly and respectful. I have so much appreciation ♥️
Jann Gerstner
The Administrator Kasey is very professional and great to work with.
Nancy Divona
A beautiful clean facility! The new team is dedicated to providing excellent care for the residents! Take a tour to see the facility & meet the won’t be disappointed!
Tammie Kelly
I have worked here a short time but am loving every minute of it. Very nice staff and great residents.
Sheri Lewis
My Dad is at Arbor Trails for rehab. It took a couple of days for him to settle in. The staff is wonderful in assisting him. They have been patient as he settled into the daily routine. The house keeping staff keep every thing clean and tidy, the food has been good and served in a timely manner. The Therapy Staff have really been patient, understanding and consistent. The nursing staff has been great to answer questions and assist with his comfort. Last but not least the management and business staff have helped so much with helping me to under stand this process and assisting me in planning for what is next. Thanks Arbor Trails for making us feel like family and at home. The Tindale Family.
shirley gorbutt
I have been here for 10 months. I have gained my strength back and I am healthy again. The Therapy Department is Fantastic! They set a program for me and I have been kicking butt and feel awesome. I have hope again. Thank you to all the great staff who have made my stay so wonderful.
Ron Dean
They take good care of my dad for me.
Lecanto Geometry
Excellent facility. Staff is loving and caring towards your loved one. They keep you informed and updated on the care. Facility has group activities for residents. 24/7 access. You can take your loved one out for the day. If there is any issues you can address them and they will rectify immediately.
Carol Spalla
After a terrible fall in her kitchen, jaw surgery and a stroke, my mother was at Arbor Trails for 60 days. We would give the physical therapy department a 5-Star +++ rating! They got Mom back on her feet and walking at age 93, and did everything they could to help her get back home. She made it home for Thanksgiving, her 94th birthday, and Christmas. After 100 days at home, she decided that it was time for her to become a long term resident. It is very difficult for someone that age to settle into a facility. The director, Kasey O'Leary and the admissions director, Monica Rose give her one-on-one attention and TLC every day. I often find her having coffee in one of their offices. Mom has a good long term memory but very little short term memory, so she feels safe with them. Everyone watches over Mom. The activities director, Stacy brings her to music events, and listens to audiobooks with her. Arbor Trails has 164 beds, half are rehab and half are long term residents. The facility is clean and odor-free. There is a sunny courtyard, where residents and family can visit. We planted one of Mother's favorite flowering bushes in the courtyard. The staff is very loving and professional. No one wants to live in a nursing home, but the food is good, Mother is always clean and it's the next-best thing to home. Overall, I would recommend this facility. Thanks!
Mary Jo Pezzi
This place is wonder. Full of compassionate people the therapy department is second to none. I would definately reference this place for anyone who nerds rehab
kevin menning
Arbor Trail in Inverness is an awesome facility, my grandmother lives there and loves it! Everyone is so friendly and attentive to her. I am so pleased to that we chose Arbor Trail.
The therapy at this facility is incredible and the food is great! Everyone was so welcoming and friendly! Would definitely recommend it!
Matthew Smith
A wonderful, organized, loving "family oriented" facility. Best facility in Citrus county to work!
Amanda Renee Harrington
Arbor Trail is a top notch facility and the staff there is extremely friendly. I would highly recommend them for any skilled nursing or rehabilitation needs.
Dan Jones
Best place to send loved ones. Staff is caring and attentive. Always smiling friendly people around to help you whenever you need. Administrator and DON always out in facility helping families and residents. Definitely a nice change from other facilities in the area. Good job Arbor Trail!
Crys Zow
I was here for several weeks getting IV antibiotics The staff is Amazingly Supportive and extremely dependable..everyone was professional besides the night nurse ..(still don't know her name after 6weeks)...with the long bottle blonde hair..she is just too "good"to help anyone...she should of gotten a certification in nails if she wasn't going to interact with anyone..meaningfully...thank goodness for the humble hearts that DO work SO hard with our elderly population..we will all be here one day.
Samantha SAVAGE