Preparing for Admission

  • Be prepared to sign admission forms. These include a financial screening performed with our financial counselor. If you need help, have your representative, power of attorney, or family member available to work with us prior to your admission. If you have special directive documents, bring them with you so we may make copies for our records.
  • Bring all Medical Insurance cards so we may verify your insurance and make sure you have coverage. Please include any commercial and long term care insurance cards/plans you have such as: Medicare Part D, Medicare A & B, Medicaid, Blue Cross, AARP, HMO, PPO’s, etc.
  • Bring clothing: sneakers or rubber-soled tie shoes, socks, undergarments, comfortable slacks or other clothing with a stretch waist. Tops can be long or short sleeved but also bring sweaters or jackets for changes in temperature. You may also want your own personal care items.
  • Laundry may be done here or you may wish to make private arrangements. Please note that we use institutional type washers and dryers, therefore, delicate fabrics should not be washed. Please label all clothing.
  • A barber and hairdresser are available on-site, by appointment for your convenience.
  • You may participate in the many recreational activities which are posted and announced each day.
  • Meals are served in the dining room. Guest meals are available with advance notice. Please register guests at the receptionist desk.

What to Bring

Comfortable Clothing:

  • Shirts/blouses
  • Sweater/jacket
  • Bras
  • Pants/shorts   (elastic waists and easy closure) 
  • Underwear   (1 week supply)
  • Socks (1 week supply)
  • Jogging/sweat suits
  • Pajamas/night gown
  • Robe

Personal Items:

  • Shampoo
  • Deodorant
  • Toothbrush
  • Comb/hair brush 
  • Razor (non-electric)
Although we provide these items, you may wish to bring your own personal brands.


  • Flat with non skid soles

Reminder of Home:

  • Pictures
  • Bedside clock
  • Hobby items
  • Postcards/stationery/address book/stamps

Other Items:

  • Eyeglasses
  • Hearing aid(s) and batteries
  • Makeup
  • Dentures & denture supplies (if needed)
  • Cane/walker
  • Wheelchair

What not to Bring

  • Medicine
  • Valuables (jewelry)  
  • Credit cards
  • More than $10

We invite you to visit our facility for a personal tour and to meet our professional healthcare team.

Virtual Tour


Amazing facility; extraordinary asset to my family. I first heard about Arbor Trail (AT) when my father was in Citrus Memorial Hospital at Inverness FL for COVID. He was 87 years old at the time and came extremely close to dying, according to the doctor on duty. He survived, miraculously, and after a month in the hospital, he needed ongoing rehabilitation to build sufficient lung/breathing capacity. AT was highly recommended by a medical professional and he was subsequently admitted there. During his 3 to 4 weeks at AT, through physical therapy, daily medical attention, nutrition oversight, and excellent overall care, he left in better physical and mental health than he'd been at any point during the previous 3-years. More recently, he experienced life-threatening head trauma, suffering two subdural hematoma's, which required several days in critical care at the head trauma center in Ocala. Like before, he needed high quality rehabilitation. I didn't hesitate in arranging a return to AT. After 2-months he was released and is now at an Independent Living facility. He is functioning about as well as an 88 (almost 89) year-old man can. His latest miraculous recovery is directly attributable to the exceptional professional and personal care he received at AT. I am an objective, though often critical, evaluator who places tremendous value on pertinent customer reviews. When I take the time to write one, it is done with utmost honesty and objectivity- for the express purpose of helping the reader make informed decisions, especially concerning the health of loved ones. I have witnessed, first-hand, the exceptional rehabilitation services provided by Arbor Trail. I highly recommend their services. G. M.
Dr. Greg Murray
Love this skilled nursing facility. The staff are very professional and willing to do anything to make sure that their patients are happy and satisfied and receive the rehabilitation that they need so that they can go home and continue to flourish. Thank you Arbor Trail for continuing to provide exemplary care to your patients!! You are an asset to Citrus County!!
Mindy W

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